White Quebracho Blanco Lump Super Charcoal 8kg




Our charcoal is produced from 100% natural resources coming from South American forest. Our wood comes from certified forests with responsible management of the supply. Only non-valued wood from local sawmills is used in our coal kilns to fully integrate our operations into the long-term operation of the surrounding forests at the mill. This type of charcoal is used for high end steakhouse restaurants in North and South America.

Sifting the coal before it is wrapped makes it possible to keep larger pieces for the BBQ cooking and catering segment. Large chunks of coal provide fast ignition, excellent heat diffusion and optimal cooking on charcoal.



  • 100% White Quebracho Blanco
  • Burns Extremely Hot
  • 3+ Hour Burn Time
  • No Smoke
  • No Sparks or Pops
  • Mild Flavor
  • Low Ash Content